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This is Jack. He likes to create "art that moves".
Jack's path to becoming an kinetic mobile maker started when young boys played with erector sets.  Stationary things did not really appeal to Jack, but movement and motion did. 

I am a great admirer of Alexander Calder and his bold artistic designs and fluid kinetic mobiles.  Every aspect of kinetic mobile making is about balance.  Each section of a mobile has to be meticulously balanced or it just doesn’t move correctly and it doesn’t appear in balance.  Their beauty lies in their simple design and their use of vibrant colors.   I continue to tinker with different designs, different materials, and different techniques to achieve that sleek serenade of movement.  When it finally comes together, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. 

Mobiles look easy to make, but there is a lot of frustration as each piece must be balanced from the lowest point going upward.  Before I ever tried making my first mobile, Judy and I have been fortunate to see many Calder exhibits and permanent exhibits.   We have gone out of our way on several vacations to visit some of his work around the world.  The largest collection of Alexander Calder’s outdoor installations is located on the grounds at the Louisiana Museum in Humlebaek, Denmark.  Judy and I spent a wonderful day at the museum when our cruise to the Baltic ended in Copenhagen in 2011. 
Judy and I have collaborated on a number of projects which combine elements of glass and metal into more colorful 3 dimensional artwork pieces.  Together we have experimented combining our respective fields of interest to create some unique pieces of art.

This is Judy. She likes to create one of a kind fused glass pieces.

Judy has always expressed herself through various art forms be it creative writing, weaving, mosaics or fused glass. Art major turned marketing major, her talents took her towards a career in public relations and marketing and now professional fundraising at Educational First Steps.  She began working with glass some seven years ago, taking classes and workshops. She turned a room in her home into a home studio with a converted ceramic kiln.  In 2011 she and 14 fused glass artists opened La Hoya Glass Artist Studio and she now part of a creative co-op in which she can thrive, learning with others and teaching entry level classes.

Creating with glass became my addiction. The many properties of glass are so magical- powder, frit, stringers, rods, sheets - all ways you find  glass for art and architecture - and in all colors - citrine, light amber, aventurine blue, carnelian, black gold, irid white, clear ripple, French Vanilla, and turquoise blue cascade.  It sounds so yummy.  And, if I don’t find a color I want or like for a special piece, I create my own using a collage of colors. The creative possibilities are endless. 

What is fused glass art? It is the art of cutting and layering, and bending, and combining glass and then fusing it together using heat.  Firing the glass in kilns at high temperatures turns glass to liquid and then as it cools it hardens and takes on different textures. You can even pull liquid glass as it flows slowly and twist it into shapes that harden and cool. You can fire glass multiple times, shape it, slump it into molds, add texture, cold work it, drill through it, and even smash it and start all over again!. Some of my most fun and exciting pieces come from what I refer to as “happy accidents”.  And nothing is more fun than sharing my one-of-a kind creations with others.  

Judy’s most recent pieces have returned her to her creative roots in mosaics and even weaving with some collage worked in;  weaving glass strips, found object inclusions and collaborating with her husband Jack and his metal works and mobiles.This is Judy. She likes to create using the many unique forms and fusing of glass.

Our History

It was fate that brought Jack and Judy together. While working on assignment in LA, a friend gave Jack the phone number of a Dallas girl who was living in Houston.  When Jack headed back to Houston 2 months later, he called Judy and they met and started dating.  When their youngest child left home for college, Judy wanted to take a glass class and asked Jack to pick a class on the same night so they go together.  Jack chose a beginning welding class.  Wednesday nights became their "date night", with a quick dinner and then off to their respective classes.  After a couple of these classes, the 14 members of Judy's Wednesday night decided to form their own fused glass co-op.  Judy is a founding member of the LaHoya Glass Artists co-op, which this month celebrated it's 5 year in operation.