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Merry-Go-Round Hanging Mobile

Materials:  Stainless Steel Wire, EVA Foam, & swivel

Construction:  Handmade & balanced with care

Approximate Dimensions:   18” x 18” x 15”

Care Instructions:  For inside use only-not outside

Black w/1 Red Item #:   MERRYGOROUNDBLACK

Red w/1Black Item #:    MERRYGOROUNDRED

All Black Item #:              MERRYGOROUNDALLBLACK

PRICE EACH:   $ 79.00  USD

Shipping Charge:  $6.50 USD (within the continental US)

Sales Tax:  8.25% (applies only to shipments within TX)

NOTE:  My mobiles are a handcrafted work of art. They should not be considered a toy.   Mobiles should always be hung out of the reach of children, no matter their age.  To prevent fading, hang your mobile out of direct sunlight.  Mobiles are constructed to move with slight air currents, so position your mobile so it moves slowly and randomly.